Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Alive!

To those wondering, yes i'm still alive. And i'm doing absolutely great! I've started an ab routine a few months ago and i've toned up incredibly. I also get weekly massages focused on my lower back. Massages are a Godsend with the girl that does my lower back. Strong arms and hands are a must. With this i've managed to not even remember I have an operation. No pain, nothing! All I needed was muscle support and a chill job. Below is a pic of my progress. I have no problems at the gym, I avoid squats and anything that puts pressure on my lower back. But given my new strenght, I can lift more without feeling lower back pain. This includes 50lb dumbbells on each arm for biceps, etc. I'm still being very very careful though. The other day I had to stop doing shoulders as I felt it was too much for my back.

Cheers everyone!


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the posting of your journey.

    Nick replaced my two lower discs S1 -L5 & L5- L4 2 years ago this last March. I was there just after Hooch. Nicks passing was tearful. I was very much looking forward to going back to the UK and to Winchester as a healthy tourist, and visiting the clinic to thank Nick and the staff. Oh well...

    FYI on me, I am 55 and stay very fit. I am pleased you have found training useful and effective. It has been for me. I as well have added massage which is great, but for shoulder issues as well as lower back. I ski, bike, run, play tennis, weight train, stretch etc.. I love and value it all. I believe it is what has made the adr replacement successful for me.

    The facet problem is new to me. I found your blog when researching facet joint and ADR replacement. In the last 6 months I have had a couple of facet joint flare ups on the tennis court. This has been a surprise as I have not had any issues to speak of prior to this. In both cases they happened on the court and took about 3 weeks to calm down. It does make sense though that increasing the mobililty at one level may cause over extension just above that level. Like you, I was hoping that this would not be the case with the M6. I guess we are all exploring new territory on this and will continue to do so as these devices and we age.
    I may have to go to just hitting the ball for training and not competition.
    That would be better than living in pain. Thanks Again. Take Care


  2. Hi guys I believe this facet joint may be due to the replacement disc allowing greater than usual disc movement causing the facet joints to become an issue.

  3. There are now more than a few accounts of M6-Ls permitting facet joint pain to occur. Notably, PGA golfer Reteif Goosen hasn't been able to return to golf completely bc his forceful swing hurts. Don't get me wrong, the M6-L is still the disc of choice for all it's features, but it is still experimental. Consider doing things in moderation. Even titanium (not to mention the polymer bits) is subject to eventual corrosion, fatigue, and embrittlement when subject to 7-9% salinity at 98 degrees forever. Take it easy. Live long and happy - especially to the 20 something's that are getting these implants.

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