Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For those just starting out with back issues.

Sometimes I stare into the wall, drift off, and think to myself, how would I have done things differently? Don't get me wrong, I'm completely happy with my Spinal Kinetics M6-L Lumbar Artificial Disc. I'm referring to all the things that happened prior to me getting my first symptom. All those days lifting weights, riding motorcycles, never really caring about my back, thinking of myself as invincible. Ok maybe I didn't think of myself as invincible, but I definitely didn't give a shit about my spine. In light of this, here's a few pointers for those barely starting out with symptoms:

  1. Get yourself an inversion table. Even if you don't have any back pain, this works wonders! Decompresses the spine and helps the discs breath life (blood flow).
  2. Get yourself some chamomile tea. Drink 2 cups a day, more if you can. Helps with inflammation.

General tips:

  1. Avoid heavy lifting that involves the lower back, especially squats with heavy weights. I can do squats nowadays, but only carrying 40 lbs on each arm and NOT on a bar on my back. The squat bar immediately starts hurting.
  2. Roll out of bed, literally.
  3. Work your abs! I highly recommend P90X3 Elite extreme ab workout. Abs are essential to feeling great.

Any questions? Email me or comment below.

Good luck friends.


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  2. Hey Mike,
    My name is Ricky, I'm 23yrs old and in early January 2015, injured my L5-S1 2-3mm protrusion, doing a heavy ass deadlift at the gym and its been a hell of a depressing journey. I've been thinking of doing a stem cell therapy called Regenexxx, I'm seeing it everywhere and it looks promising! Any thoughts Mike?

  3. Thanks for sharing the Great Information.
    I have shared few Tips here- Best Way to Treat Lumbar Sprain

  4. Mike
    Can you just post a word, so that we know you are alive!

  5. I doubt you will ever answer, but I would like to know the price for the M6 and in which city and clinic in England you did it?

  6. Today many person is suffering from back pain problem.That's because poor lifestyle and sitting on a chair for long time.To prevent from back pain problem is to do regular exercise and don't sit on a chair for long time.

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  7. Hi Mike
    Hope life is great for you. Please can you help? Before you decided to see Dr Nicholas Boeree, such a tragedy for his family losing him so young, who else in the UK did you contact or consider? And did you have the surgery solely because of the disc problem or did you have other spinal pathology such as anterolisthesis (spondolysis)?

  8. Hi Mike, hope all is well. I have the same problem you had. I have read about your adventure a few times. I was hoping maybe we could converse? I'm thinking of going to Dr. Bertagnoli in Bogen Germany. Really I want to know what you would have done different. Many people are trying to talk me out if it they like the m6 Bertagnoli doesn't like it. He uses the prodisc almost exclusively in the lumbar. Anyways my email is gktm300@gmail.com cell is 315-240-6433 !

    God Bless your back!



  9. American spine surgeons are a disgrace.

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