Thursday, January 24, 2013

Talked with Pimenta's Office

Greetings Everyone.

Just a quick update. I've been attending the gym without a hitch. Pain is minimal. Body is very well sculptured. I believed abs has helped TONS. My abs are strong as hell and very defined. Do this people, it helps! I also get massages on my lower back every 3 days. Works wonders!

I talked to someone over at Dr. Pimenta's office in Brazil. Very nice people! I asked about the Glyder and they said they don't do this anymore due to it being a trial in Germany. But they had very good results given the right indications. They asked about my condition and specifically asked in steroid injections helped aleviate 100% of the pain. I said they did for 3 weeks. They said PERFECT, we highly recommend the Zyga Glyder as it is minimally invasive and has had good results. They told me to get in contact with them but couldn't do anything further. I told them about my M6 and he said very good, this should work very well with the M6.

Cheers everyone!


  1. Thanks for the updates. As someone who has been recommended for this surgery almost 5 years ago, your blog has really helped me since its inception with data points on how to approach the issue. Best of luck.

  2. hi mike

    im 37 and have been diagnosed ddd (its also prolapsed now but ive had pain for years) its not gettig any better and it looks a lot like yours

    has your M6-l caused you any issues? would you still recommend it? is it casuing the facet issue?


    1. It looks exactly like mine Martin! My M6 is working perfectly, but I did have some facet issues after 8 months, but I was working in a restaurant and it was a big pain in the ass. Once I quit, it all got better. Now I do abs all the time and facet pain is virtually at 0! My recommendation, start with a micro discectomy... then get back to me alright?

      Cheers bud.

    2. thanks mike - i'll let you know how i get on - they have said i can have a microdistectomy - but they have also said that will probably make the leg better but the back pain worse - but its less severe than what youve done...
      i just dream of being able to do sport again :(

      i'll let you know what i do and thanks

  3. Mike,

    I'm glad to hear you quit the restaurant gig and are feeling better. I was wondering how you do when you're sitting - do you sit a lot in your new job? Can you sit for as long as you like? Does it matter what type of chair you sit in? All the best.

  4. Mike,

    I'm trying to contact Pimenta and having no luck.

    It's recently been pointed out to me the disc in my back is off centre by a lot.

    Could you please contact me chrisstaun at , and let me know how you managed to make contact?


  5. Mike: Almost April and no update? For those of us who have been following your M6-L since birth, the suspense is almost as painful as our low backs. Here's hoping you're ok. Ray

  6. mike - have you died? that will put me off of the M6...


  7. What was the ab routine that you started with?
    I hear conflicting info about static abs versus dynamic (plank versus sit-ups) and about flexion versus extension. I'm curious EXACTLY which exercises you did to get here? It would be really, really helpful. Thanks.
    (My L5-S1 facets are in a tizzy (long history, yes, we diagnostically pinpointed to the facets))

  8. No planks. I did dynamic workouts mostly on one of those blue large balls. Around 6-8 sets of 50 reps every 2 days. Then I moved to stronger machine ab workouts (typical ab machine) and then started using my legs on the floor. Now I can do just about any ab workout for extended periods.