Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Boeree has passed away...

I can't believe this. Mr. Boeree was involved in a motorcycle accident and has passed away.

I feel honored to have had his wonderful work improve my life.

There's just nothing more I can say. I have no words.


  1. Such a tragic loss for all of us who had our lives changed by him. I can't believe he's gone. My heart goes out to his patients, friends, co-workers and especially his family. He will be missed.

  2. I'm so sorry to have broken the news to you, Mike. All of us whose lives he had touched are devastated to have lost such a great human being,

  3. Yes, very tragic news! He touched so many people. I am saddened for his family and friends. He was my top choice to perform ADR surgery on me when the time had come because of how well he treated you all. RIP Mr. Boeree.


  4. This is awful news. I had some phone conversations with Nick and he was so knowledgeable about what my problem is when all the doctors where I live couldn't give me answers. He was so polite and caring and always e-mailed me back whenever I had a question. I wonder if there are any doctors out there like this anymore. I feel bad for his family.

    Kevin, if you see this, it sounds like you and I might be in the same boat from what I've read of some of your previous posts. Would there be a way I could e-mail you when you get a chance? Thanks.