Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MARCH UPDATES! Carnaval, Facet Blocks, etc.

Hello my fellow followers. Bow down to your guinea pig! lol There's a few things I want to cover with this post. But first I wanted to apologize for not updating more often.

It's been 1 year, 4 months, and 10 days. 496 days with my M6-L at L4/5. I've been in contact with Mr. Boeree every so often, updating him on my status and condition, notifying him of pain episodes and following his recommendations. I started having pain a few months ago. Boeree suspected facet pain. And surely, it was! The facet block 4 months ago got rid of it 100% for a few days. It came back very slightly with muscle tension alongside the two main lower back muscles to the vertical sides of the spine. Bear in mind, it came back VERY SLIGHTLY.

And so, I decided i'd go to brazil for carnaval. I'll tell you this, i've NEVER had a more physically strenuous trip in my life. 5 days and I drank 4 liters of alcohol and walked 20km, whilst jumping and screaming and falling and what not. When I got back to miami, NO PAIN AT ALL. Well maybe a 1 or 2 out of 10, but definitely manageable! I was due for a facet block before the trip to get rid of it entirely, but the stupid Dr. Castellanos in Miami cancelled mid-procedure. YES. HE CANCELLED MID-PROCEDURE.

Mid-post rant:  This is him. Don't ever bother going to him. He makes you wait 3 months for an appointment, 3 hours in the waiting room, and then cancels MID-PROCEDURE because he has a meeting. He won't apologize or even offer to re-schedule. I decided to stay quiet and just leave.

Anyways, I went to brazil without my facet block and came back just fine. A week later I start getting the 1-2 level pain (more muscle tension than anything) and I decide to fly to honduras for another facet block. This was 5 days ago and I feel great! The main culprit for my pain: THE RESTAURANT. Don't work in a restaurant if you have back issues.

Other than that, i'm doing wonderfully. There's no limitations to what I can do, but I am a little worried about my facets long-term. Don't let this deter you from considering the M6 though, i'd get a 2nd M6 implant in a heart beat.

Please if you have ANY questions, do ask and I answer back in less than an hour. I am paying special attention to the blog this next week, so ASK AWAY! I get an email every time someone comments so i'll answer ASAP.

Also, congrats to all those that have gotten the M6. Can you please do me a favor and add a link to your blogs in the comments section? Thanks!

And for the grand finale, here are some pictures and new angles from my facet block!


  1. Hey Mike,

    Glad to hear things are going pretty well. Here is a link to my blog with my M6 story:


  2. hey mike looks like things are going great with you. i am gonna postpone my surgery for a couple of years since i had a very traumatic infection etc etc. i am gonna get new set of MRIs in couple of months and an xray and CT scan and send em to boeree as well. just probably consult with him every 6 months to see the condition of my spine etc and when i should pull the plug and go for the surgery.



  3. Hey Mike, nice looking M6! I took your advice and avoided the shotgun in vegas, but the AK was awesome. :) (my blog)

  4. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Boeree sadly passed away yesterday due to a motorcycle accident. I'm glad to see he has helped you greatly. He was an exceptional surgeon.

  5. Hi Mike,
    My name is Raquel,and I have 30 years old. I'm opereted trhee weeks ago. I'm fell well,but I
    How are you felling now?
    I have a pain in the hips and back...It's normal?

    Here is a link to my blog with my M6 story:

    See you soon!

  6. hello Mike looks like elements are going excellent with you. i am going to delay my medical procedures for many decades since i had a very stressful illness etc etc. i am going to get new set of MRIs in few several weeks and an xray and CT check out and deliver em to boeree as well. just probably seek advice from with him every 6 several weeks to see the situation of my backbone etc and when i should close the lid on and go for the medical procedures.
    facet blocks

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