Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THIS is pain relief.

Wow. This is what it felt like from month 3-6 post-op. Pristine, strong, pain-free! My facets have finally calmed down.

There's one very important thing to note about this, that because only my facets were treated, the surgical site is absolutely pain free. The disc is doing a great job. What i'm wondering is why the facets started flaring up. Is it disc related? This didn't start happening until after the 6th month post-op. I hadn't had any sort of heavy activity for years until I started this restaurant. And the disc IS supposed to prevent facet degeneration by having constrained motion.

So i'm left wondering, what caused this? I don't want to jump to any conclusions yet.. but I will ask Boeree his opinion.

I'll let you know what he has to say.

Cheers everyone! Now lets hope I stay pain-less!


  1. Glad to hear the injections worked. Hrmm, well with things moving at such small increments in the disc areas (ie millimeters and single degrees), I think it would be very hard to get an artificial disc that moves exactly like everyone's natural one and even with the constrained motion, it may be allowing more movement than your natural disc when twisting. Or could be the different disc height causing the facets to work at slightly different angles (ie if the disc is slightly taller, the facets could be slightly stretched maybe?). These are just my non-medically trained guesses so take them with a grain of salt.

    In any case, we do now have an un-natural object in our spines so I think we have to reasonably expect that stuff might be a little off. As long as it's better than having a herniated disc, we'll have to be thankful for what we get.

    Let's just hope it's just a small bump in the road and the injections put an end to it!

  2. Great to hear, Mike! Tim, I think you're bang on about the facets. My big question is whether or not they'll get "used" to the new prosthesis/movement/height, or if some of us will be destined to have periodic injections to keep inflammation and pain down.

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