Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grow Up

It appears some of Mr. Boeree's competitors are checking out this blog closely. I've gotten some very unprofessional comments these past few days on behalf of 'anonymous' posters that say my surgery was a failure. Nice job guys!


  1. Ignore them, Mike. If they won't leave their name, that hurts their credibility. I'm sure that you are doing much better than you were before the surgery and like you said, these aches and pains are more than likely adjustment issues for your body. The disc looks great on x-ray. Have you ever had the flouroscopy video taken? They record your flexion/extension movement under x-ray. You could see the actual ADR in motion.


  2. How did the sports medicine appt go? So glad to hear you are getting good follow-up consultation from Mr Boeree - which I wouldn't have expected anything different. So many other docs have terrible reviews in assisting with concerns / issues. Hope you get it figured out. It's obviously a treatable situation since your disc is in great shape! Best wishes. Joell