Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trial and Error

Thanks everyone. I'm not crippled by the way. I'm still operational, but by the end of the day i'm feeling pretty bad, especially for the few minutes that I first lay in bed.

I'm wearing orthopedic soles 'guaranteed to improve back pain' by Dr. Scholls. lol

I am definitely pushing myself too much, but recently I hired another helper at the restaurant to take over some of the duties I was covering.

Tomorrow i'll be getting x-rays and seeing a chiro. But what i've figured out is that the pain stems from an extremely tight muscle that runs from my lower back to my buttocks, on the left side. I'm stretching it by extending my left leg to the right as much as possible. It hurts like hell. I try it with the other leg and it doesn't hurt at all. That pesky muscle must die! I'll see if I can find muscle relaxants. I'll also be taking Omega 3's as I hear these relieve muscle spasms.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Mike,

    I too carry an injured lower back the gets sore from working on my feet for extended periods of time.

    I do a fair amount of Yoga to pro-actively manage it anyway, but have found that when I need a 5 minute 'quick fix' that if I concentrate on those stretches designed for the gluteal (butt) and adductor (bring legs together) groups, that I get the most effective lower back relief.

    For me, I find that essentially, my glutes lock up (from standing upright) and this has a flow on effect with the errector spinae group - which causes the lower back pain.

    Perhaps consult with a physical therapist to get a list of glute stretches that are OK for you - as they will consider your pathology (surgical history) when prescribing them.