Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My lower back is tight, VERY tight. It's hurting after a long day of work, up to the point where I get a little depressed. The next morning i'm feeling wonderful but the pain progresses during the day with some sciatica, lower back tightness and pain.

I'm going to try and get some more x-rays with a friend of mine here in Miami. Otherwise i'll travel to Honduras to have them done free.

I strongly believe I just need to take it easier at work. I'm working WAY too much, and it's both physically and mentally stressful.

If a night of sleep makes me feel that much better, than I can't imagine what a few weeks will do. I probably need to do some healing and get those inflammatory agents out of there. Also, why is it so hard for masseuses to massage the lower back? Stretching barely helps too.


  1. Wouldn't it suck if you had that surgery and it was not your disc that was causing the pain?

  2. It definitely was the disc. All the old pain is gone. This is entirely new. It started the moment I started the restaurant. I was just fine before that.

  3. Mike, I had a discectomy which was 1000% successful. In fact it was so successful I went back to doing things people with healthy backs shouldn't even be doing. Now I suffer from chronic pain and am totally convinced if I would have used just a little common sense I would be fine today.

    It's only natural to want to push yourself and do the things you used to do or really want to do. My point is this: Don't push it. Your body is sending you warning shots now...you need to listen to it.

    Stay strong.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Hopefully some rest will do the trick. I know when I worked as a waiter, the long shifts would kill my back and feet. Maybe its your shoes?

    And to anonymous #1, if you don't have anything nice to say...


  5. Hey Mike i hope you are feeling allright. I feel so bad that you are dealing with all this. i mean, you left for england for the surgery and you were completely fine in teh beginning and now the pain has gotten worse. did you try to take a week off to see whether that solves it? and how long are you working for? i mean what exactly are you doing? are you lifting tables etc at work?

  6. Mike, I would suggest that perhaps your core and spinal muscles are weak and need strengthening. If you work all day, standing, bending or lifting, it'll force your spine to move under the wrong posture and pressure. This will cause pain. Perhaps 5 days off with an immediate, gentle, rehab schedule would correct this? Just a thought.