Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Much Needed Update!

Sorry guys. Despite the small amount of time it takes to write up a post,  you just never find the time for the people you care about when you run a restaurant. My apologies!

Here's my update:

My back took a while to recover from the crisis I had a month and a half ago. Stress is a real game changer, but it seems my back is getting more and more used to it every day. I took anti-inflamatories to help with the process and they definitely helped.

The X-rays turned out fine:

I work 12-14 hours a day, standing up. My back WILL feel sore after this. But my lower back seems to carry it all. Every time I lay down after a long day, my lower back feels that sort of 'relief' stress.. it's the only time of the day when it really hurts. After a few minutes, it goes back to normal and I feel great.

I have felt tiny bits of sciatica every once in a while, but nothing compared to pre-op.

Bending, twisting, jumping.. I can do all of them without an issue.

I know it's hard to imagine yourself being normal after an operation like this. But I don't think about my disc anymore. I bend down to tie my shoes, I carry 50lb bags every once in a while, I take the occasional sprint.. when it hurts at night I think about being more careful but every morning I wake up 100% fresh, so I completely forget!

I've been having some hip problems unrelated to the disc. It seems my left hip keeps popping all the time, or I feel like I want to pop it. Kinda hurts. I'm taking some joint supplements to help with this. I'm also taking a low-dose anti-inflammatory (diclofenac) to help with my shoulder surgery recovery.. I'm sure this is helping my back as well.

Overall, i'm doing great. I'm not 100% but I do feel normal. My back will never be fully recovered but it sure in hell beats the way I was pre-op. Also, I know that if I weren't running a restaurant i'd be doing MUCH better.

Oh and one more thought.. I remember my back started acting up after I played soccer and volleyball, then leading up to the crisis I had about 2 weeks after that. If I were you, i'd avoid impact sports!


  1. Hey Mike,
    Great to hear that you are at full swing again and that you can do a demanding job without having the 'elephant in the room' anounce itself all the time!
    Also good to hear that things are normal on the 'action' front - my wife could live without me surfing/skiing and golfing - but that would tip the scales ;)!

  2. Thanks very much for the update. I assume that many like me follow the m6L patient recovery blogs closely trying to decide if ADR is for them. You continued contributions are very considerate.


  3. Hey mike,

    I just had my m6 put in bymr. Boeree today and just wanted to say thanks for all the great information about your experience. Glad to finally join you in the bionic spine club. I hope I do as well as you in the coming months. I'll be posting my experience on my blog at

    I told mr boeree I had been following your blog closely and he was happy to hear that so many people are in touch and educating each other. So thanks again!

  4. Mike, I am very thankful to you for reporting your Regenexx experience on your healingmyback blog. I don't have a DDD problem, but I have a worn out hip joint. I will find out next Thursday if I fall under "good" "fair" or "poor." Unless my prognosis is "very good" you have helped me make up my mind for conventional hip replacement surgery, which has been around for 40 years and is, for the most part, a very successful surgery (even though the surgery looks very brutal on youtube.)