Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update! Hint: pheww

Well, it sure in hell was a crisis. I couldn't stand the pain. Terrible sciatica and lower back pain. 2 days before that I took over my new restaurant. TOUGH WORK. Standing up all day, doing deliveries, stress, employees, inventory, etc etc etc. I decided to take a day off and fly to Honduras to get an X-ray and MRI. They both turned out fine. No new herniations and the disc is safely in place.

I came back a little more relaxed and now that i'm getting more used to my job my back is back to being normal! I did 4 nights straight with a heating pad all day plus a whole bunch of DICLOFENAC anti inflammatory. Now i'm back to normal thank GOD.

My job is tough. But things are normalizing and now I just have to deal with the government. Lets hope that doesn't bring on new headaches.

Just FYI everyone, STRESS is a big factor in back pain. But it wasn't only mental stress, physical stress can really affect you but once you get used to working hard your back will behave :)

Good luck everyone! Sorry about the scare.


  1. That's good news! Once again, this emphasizes the "take it easy" mantra I keep hearing! Glad everything is OK.
    Somehow, I don't think I'll have a problem with that concept. I'm a little more "chill" and, maybe even lazy, by nature!
    Good luck on your restaurant. My husband owns several too, and that is tough, frustrating work at times!

  2. Glad to hear you are better & all's well again Mike. I'm going through the recuperation phase at the moment after having the M6-L op 6 weeks ago (L5/S1) with Mr.Boeree. I'm always keen to see how you are getting on ahead of me & further down the line. I am taking it easy that's for sure but can't wait to get back into a more physical exercise routine & lifestyle, particulary being more active with my kids. But, it's like you said in an earlier post, you have to give your back some 'respect' and don't overdo things, being patient to achieve a better outcome & results. Good luck with the restaurant! - best regards, Si.