Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TIP: How to share test results with doctors abroad (or any other document with anyone).

So you have an MRI scan, X-rays, or pictures in a CD. You want to send them to your doctor but your email only handles small files and your doctors inbox might not even receive it.

Instead, use the 'cloud'. Set up an account with Sugarsync, install the software on your computer, and upload the files to the cloud. Right click on the file you uploaded and select 'Get public link'. This will copy a URL and you can now paste it in your email. Tell your doctor to download the file from that URL.

This is how I sent my MRI scans over to Mr. Boeree.

This would also work if you want to share a movie or a large amount of files with anyone else that's far away.


  1. Thanks for the tip! That sure will make it easier to send an MRI, etc.

    Keep on healing!


  2. What is your final recommendation on Regenexx in CO? Hubby is about to drop lots of $$$ there.