Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 Months, 6 days Post-op:

Ok so I still haven't started doing any running, although I do feel like I could. I'm joining the gym once I get my shoulder fixed.. I have an impingement syndrome which I have to take care of first. Once that's done, i'm off to the gym to do some weights (no squats yet!) and light running. I'm not going to the levels of weight lifting that I used to do before (very excessive body building) but I do want to get back in an athletic shape.

As for my scar:

Not too shabby! That was 3 months post-op and it has improved a little since.

I went to mardi gras last weekend. Partied my butt off. Had a tiny bit of pain afterwards (on the bone, not sciatica) but it settled in a few hours. I'm back in Miami doing my thing (working on a desk).

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Thanks for posting the scarline pic. I had surgery on my shoulder in 2002 for the same thing. I had my supraspinatus(?) tendon being impinged badly. The procedure was called "the Mumford procedure". I'm doing pretty well there. still have a little soreness from time to time, but not bad. A lot better than before I had it fixed. Good luck with your (hopefully last for a long time) surgery. :)


  2. Hey Mike, good to here you are 'enjoying' life again (quote - "I went to mardi gras last weekend. Partied my butt off"). I'm sure this involved some strenuous bodily movements :), but would you feel comfortable in the future to engage in contact sports if you wanted (football, soccer etc)? ... I was concerned about taking a 'knock', pushed heavily to the ground etc and whether the artificial disc would be fine to take the jolts?

    Any thoughts?


  3. Good question, and sorry I haven't answered it before.

    Right now I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a knock. I haven't even taken more than a 20 second run, and I don't think i'll want to risk doing contact sports later on either. My doctor said don't do anything crazy like bungee jumping.. I think soccer is crazy given the level of contact so I'll want to avoid that.

    Just remember, this is me speaking at 4 months post-op. Maybe i'll be more confident after a year.

    Good luck!

  4. Mike,

    Could you update your pain and sitting tolerances if you have that data handy. Thanks.