Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some pain after some seriously strenuous days.

I've been furniture shopping with my mom for my apartment in Miami. It hasn't been too nice on my back at the end of every day. It's not too painful but it is debilitating. A night's sleep calms it down 100% and i'm ready to do anything the next day.

It's a wake up call. I'm not invincible. I am, in fact, still limited in my actions. I bet that a good 2 months of physical therapy/core strengthening will correct this though.

I've been doing a few planks and what not and my abs are really hurting. They're a little weak because they haven't recovered but i'll be up and running for my next round really soon.

Good luck to everyone.


  1. Hi Mike,

    Any leg nerve pain associated with your back pain recently or do you think it is all muscle related and your body still getting used to the new positioning of your spine with the device?

    How did Dr. Boree address your concerns about subsidience of the M6-L as a risk?

    Thanks alot,

  2. The nerves got a little irritated a few days ago, felt like the old pain but it went away immediately. My body is still getting used to all these new movements with the new disc. The increased disc height says it all. I was told at the hospital It might take up to 9 months for nerves to settle down. Regardless, i'm feeling better than ever.

    I asked him about subsidence risk and he says it's virtually non-existent. He put in the largest disc possible so there's a lot of surface area to extend the pressure on. He also said my age was a contributing factor.

    No problem kevin, i'm here to help!

  3. when you say furniture shopping - I'm assuming you mean walking around and not really getting much rest for a day or two?
    Also, are you experiencing Sciatica, aching, burning or sharp pain, etc.?
    Additionaly - you say your abs are sore. Understandable, what, if any side effects are the planks having on your spine pain-wise?
    Does the ab stuff hurt the back?

  4. When I said furniture shopping I meant buying furniture, moving furniture, lifting boxes, luggage, etc. VERY STRENOUS STUFF. Stuff I shouldn't be doing. Not much rest either. It was numbing sciatica that settled after about an hour in bed. I don't have the pain anymore.

    My abs are sore in a good way. No pain in my spine after doing planks.

    Overall i'm doing a lot better than a few days ago. Nothing hurts anymore and i'm back to my normal non-strenous daily activities, including a heavy night of partying this saturday.

  5. have you tried to jump or hop at all? have you tried to run faster than a jog? could you begin light weight training if you wanted to right now?

  6. I have tried jumping using the xbox kinect.. there was minimal pain afterwards, but that was a month ago. I haven't tried anything else since, including running. I've been a terrible guinea pig lately and I apologize for it! i have to get back to the gym soon!

    I will start weight training (lightly) once I get my shoulder squared away.

  7. Mike,

    Just wondering how you are feeling almost 4 months out? Noticing more improvement?


  8. Any updates? You must be feeling good!

  9. Yes, can we get an update!? I hope everything is going well.

  10. Hi Mike,

    I've read through your story, as I am considering Regenexx for a big toe joint injury. However, I too have had severe back problems. To make it short, I've pulled my back over 6-7 times, herniated a disc, and got sciatica in both legs for a year. The MOST painful and horrible thing that's happened to me. It was a result of an office job, and weak abs.

    I tried everything, acupressure, inversion, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, etc. But the only thing that helped me was SWIMMING, I would recommend this for you, it was the only thing that worked for me, just getting in the water and floating took away the pain for 5-10 minutes, and I was happy. So I started to do a basic freestyle light swim just down and back, right after work. Then I decided to go at lunch and swim, and then after work swim again. When you're having pain 24/7 day and night, you'll try anything....and I found that the combination of swimming and stretching my hamstrings and quads, helped tremendously. I now have no sciatica, and workout consistently, I try not to sit for too long, as that seems to bring it back on, but the most important is stretching, and swimming...because it lessens the weight of your body, and helps strengthen your core too. Hope this helps someone.