Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 52: Travel, family, and party.

It was a 3 hour plane ride. I got up once to stretch my back. I went home, played around with my nephews, conducted a 2 hour barbeque, snuck around the back of the house to scare some people, and went to bed at 2am with only minor aches that settled in 2 minutes.

The next day my friends invited me to a party at somebody's house.. I sat around, had more drinks than I should have, and then went out with a large group of friends to a club. I'll be honest here, I got really drunk, started dancing around, even jumping sometimes, met a wonderful girl that I want to marry, and got home at around 6am. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

But luckily, I had absolutely no pain the next day. In fact, I've never felt this good in my life. I used to always have back pain and numbness the day after partying, and now my back feels solid and painless. I took an unnecessary risk, something I absolutely don't recommend, but I couldn't stand being in the house anymore. And it seems my back is almost ready for a normal life. I can't wait for the 3 month mark..

Christmas day was very chill and relaxing, but still I was standing up the whole time. Again, no pain.

Today, it's bliss. No pain again.

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas to all. My gift to you all is my hand-down recommendation of this procedure.


  1. Awsome! I am so happy for you! I know how debilitating a herniated disc is and to feel like normal again is a miracle of medical technology. We a very lucky to be living in this day and age as opposed to even 20-30 years ago. Thanks again for your blog and take it easy on your trip back.


  2. How ya feelin' Mike?

  3. Happy New Year Mike.

    It's great to read that you've been enjoying a normal life of a young man in his prime! Hanging with friends, dancin' til dawn and even falling in love.

    I'm sure you didn't need this life lesson to learn to enjoy life, but make the most of it now and carpe diem. You've been given wings and the clouds have been lifted. Just be mindful til the 3 month mark.


    P.S. I won $2 on the Lotto. I need to win a few more...