Sunday, December 5, 2010

32 Days Post-Op: Good Improvement + A Reality Discussion

I'm almost 5 weeks into my recovery. I would say everything is going 'by the book'. I'm supposed to be 80% recovered by 6 weeks and 100% by 12 weeks. As one my physios in England put it, the bone will attach to the device by 6 weeks, but it will be solid by 12. He also said nerve pain may need up to 9 months to settle. With this in mind, I can still feel a tiny degree of weakness in the bond between the endplates and the bone. Don't get me wrong, my back feels very strong, but I am hesitant to take my activities a step further given that 6 week guideline.

I can feel some pressure in the area every once in a while, especially after strenuous activities like standing or sitting for too long, inciting a small sciatica party down my legs. But these have gotten less severe and more sporadic. They're still there so I try and avoid these activities as much as I can, which makes it difficult considering how boring it might get sometimes.

I still need to sleep facing up. Facing sideways is a little painful after about 20 minutes. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night facing sideways with a little pressure on my back. I keep teaching myself to face upwards no matter what.

I mentioned previously that I might be ready for work 'in a few days'. After 32 days, I believe I would still find it difficult to drive to work and sit down for a half a day. So if you're considering surgery, give yourself at least 6 weeks before returning to work (especially those considering a 2-level adr).

On the upside, my movements are a lot more comfortable every day. I am moving around just like a normal person. I can bend down to the point where I can put socks on comfortably. Driving is comfortable but only a couple of times a day. Also, I haven't felt any of my old pain from before the operation. All these symptoms i'm feeling are new and expected.

I am going to the gym every day (with a day break every once in a while). I'm focusing more on the stationary bike and doing less walking. I'm also doing hydrotherapy every 2 days.

All in all, considering my optimism, expectations, and my symptoms, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel that in a few weeks I will be a new person! I just need to be patient...

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  1. Thanks for the update Mike! Keep 'em coming. :)