Thursday, November 11, 2010

X-Rays, M6 Size, Therapy, and Stiches

This is the 2-day post-op X-Ray of my L4/L5 level. It shows a good implantation, good location, and a very large M6 disc. The small gap between the L4 and the disc should fill with bony in-growth. There is an increased disc height of a few millimeters. I will try and measure this with previous X-Rays.

The doctor told me he managed to install the Large M6. Here is the reference and serial number.

I've been to Hydro-therapy at the hospital twice already. Tomorrow is my last session. I will also get my staples removed tomorrow. The incision is about 2 inches below the bellybutton. I will measure it's size tomorrow.

Muscle spasms are calming down a little bit. I sill have to be very careful with my movements so as to not piss them off.

So far, no complications.

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