Friday, November 19, 2010

16 Days Post-Op: I have to constantly remind myself I just had surgery.

It's been 4 days since I came home.

Every day is a huge improvement.. I think to myself: "I feel ok! there's now way I could feel better".. and them BAM! I feel better the next day. hahaha

I'm relieved to be speaking this way. I'm been blessed with a successful surgery so far. Sometimes I forget I even had surgery... but don't take this the wrong way.. feeling well works against you! You get too comfortable sometimes and forget you had spine surgery two weeks ago. You forget about the proper way of getting in bed, and then BAM, you get some pain. Good thing the pain is minimal and is relieved after a minute of bedrest. But from now on, my mentality is: AVOID "I WISH I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT" SITUATIONS.

So, overall things are going really well. I just wish I had a pool around here. Hydrotherapy is a big part of recovery, and i'm not doing the one thing the surgeon recommended. Today i'm looking for a local pool!


  1. Hey Mike, I have had a couple lower back surgeries and have had little success. I am very interested in Dr. Boeree and your recovery. Thanks for the updates! I frequent a local Hotel that allows me to use their hottub and pool for a small fee. That may be your best bet. The boyancy sure helps the back. Good Luck and Godspeed!


  2. AWESOME IDEA KEVIN. Never thought about that. I'm staying in a tiny town, I just hope I can find a nice local hotel.

    What kind of surgeries have you had? What lower back problems are affecting you?

    Rest assured, if you have any questions, I will answer them.. There's nothing like being lonely out there on the internet looking for answers. I'm no doctor, but I can tell you what i've been through!

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Mike,

    I had the dreaded "micro"discectomy, which just made things worse. Then I had another surgery to laser off scar tissue that had wrapped itself around the nerve root. Unfortunately, I walked into the surgical center and rolled out in a wheelchair because I left with foot drop from the op. That has gradually gotten better over time. My other symptoms of sharp pain, aching, tingling (cell-phone buzzing), coldness and temp numby-ness continue. My lower back aches and wraps around my waist. Back pain is the devil. I have been following the ADR treatments some and Dr Boeree is new to me. I have heard quite a bit about Dr. Ritter-Lang and the Stenum hospital. Did you consider him at any point? Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Noone understands the amount of pain a bad back can inflict upon a person until you've actually been there. Please keep this blog going.

    Some hotels won't let you use the facilities unless you are renting a room due to insurance issues from what I understand, but many of them will. Just a matter of finding one near you. I has been great when I'm having a real bad day.

    Looking forward to your full recovery,


  4. I found a local gym that has an indoor pool. I'm heading over right now!

    Yes I've heard of stenum. Looks like someone in the Spine Patient Society board just had surgery there. I did consider them for a while. You can read my previous posts regarding my appointments with Dr. Zigler.. I talked about my decision there.

    I'd rather not talk about my decision publicly as this sparked a few problems on the board.. If you have any personal questions regarding my decision you can email me at

  5. Oh, I understand. Thanks for your email. :) Enjoy the pool and take it easy.


  6. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the updates! Ultimately, are you supposed to be able to tolerate sitting for really long periods of time, or will you always need to take it easy with sitting?

    And when is the pain the worst for you now? In the morning? After extended periods of activity? Are you taking any type of pain reducing medication now?

    Also, do you have any lasting numbness at all? I usually have some numbness in my right toes which gets worse as the day progresses or as I sit for long periods... total bummer.

    Thanks, and all the best,


  7. Hi Chris.

    I'll write my latest post with answers to your questions.