Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preparing myself and my family for the procedure.

I'm almost ready to leave! I've spent this week buying comfortable clothes for my post-op, especially cotton sweat pants and plain Hane's t-shirts. I've also prepped the room with a higher bed, fixed the hard-to-open door to the rest-room, and acquired a reacher/grabber.

The UK hospital has instructed me to run a few pre-op tests with my family doctor:
-Mid-stream urine
-MRSA nose
-MRSA groin

Basically they're testing for infections and possible immunities to antibiotics. The hospital has really been bugging me about the results, which only means these are very important for them.

I'm off on Sunday October 31st and arriving early Monday November 1st. That same day I have a pre-op assessment and a late consultation with Mr. Boeree.

Surgery is Wednesday November 3rd.

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