So a week ago I meet with Dr. Zigler because I wanted his opinion on what course of action I should take. I ended up getting Epidural Steroid Injections in an attempt to delay surgery, which means surgery is pretty much on the books in the near future.

So I met with him today for my follow-up. We talked about a bunch of stuff:

-The prodisc wouldn't be appropriate for me given my age, my goals, and the activity level I want. I need axial compression and the prodisc is last generation.

-He's excited about the new trial they're probably starting at TBI in a few months: The Ranier Cadisc. He actually explained to me how it works, particularly how it sticks to the bone. I didn't understand a word he said but basically there's a glue on it to attach it to the bone and then there's bony in-growth. He said he doesn't want me in the trial given how young the technology is. I should use something that has a little more history. Regardless, he's excited about it because it looks very promising, unlike the 6 other discs (including the freedom) he's used with no success.

-Given this, he said I should probably wait a little more for surgery. See what products prove to be effective in the US.

-And so I asked about Minimally Invasive Surgery (snip out the herniation).. He said this would just weaken my disc and make it worse! It works for certain people with different goals, but wouldn't with me!

-If I can't wait to get my back fixed, then he said he can help me find surgeons in Europe for the M6, but he doesn't know too much on results for that one.

-AND SO I ASKED HIM ABOUT STENUM HOSPITAL: He almost fell off his chair! He said 'I don't like bad-mouthing anyone, but please stay away from Stenum.' He said he can't tell me any details because of patient confidentiality, but he could say they were horror stories that he was a part of. 'STAY AWAY'.

-AND THEN I ASKED HIM ABOUT DR. NICK BOEREE from Nuffield, UK: He immediately recognized the name Nick and blurted out his last name before I said it. He was happy I mentioned him and said he's one of the best surgeons for ADR's in Europe. Very experienced and very talented. Plus, he works with the M6.

-So I'm going to contact Dr. Nick Boeree and ask him how he's been doing with the M6, AND i'll ask him if he has any experience with the Ranier Cadisc.

-Basically I'm getting surgery any way I look at it. Dr. Zigler said I have to decide how soon I want to take that disc out. He said I could also wait for weird stuff like virus injections, stem cell developments, etc.

-He also mentioned that he's glad Regenexx stem cell treatments were shut down. They were promising way too much and had little to no results. He also doesn't believe too much in the DRX-9000. It could help a few people but a very particular few only.

So yea, that's my appointment with Dr. Zigler today. Great doctor to talk to.

Sidenote: I'm sure Stenum has had a lot of success on some patients, but a warning like this cannot be ignored.