Friday, July 9, 2010

Up and down roller coaster.

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the delay. It's been hectic here in South Africa.. but i'll be heading back in 4 days and I should be getting my MRI in about 10 days. So hang in there for results!

As for my condition, it seems my sciatica flares up every once in a while, ESPECIALLY after a night of drinking though! Otherwise I am completely pain free! So yeah, if I don't do much, i'm ok.. but if i'm active, I get flare ups. Makes sense right? At least I don't get flare ups when I'm not doing anything, anymore. Also I seem to have a much higher tolerance to sitting down.. like a CONSIDERABLE difference.

The MRI will tell the whole story. 10 days and counting! We shall discuss everything then.

Thank you for following and best of luck to you all.


  1. Hope the MRI shows that stem cells can actually help reverse the degeneration process. Reduced pain is still a great plus though in any event.

  2. I'm also looking into this treatment. I hope positive results show up on the MRI. At least a decrease in the size of the disc bulge.

  3. Mike

    From your own blog....

    Alcohol and Marijuana:
    Alcohol can have profound negative impacts on stem cell function, so this should be avoided for the same 12 weeks. A glass of red wine or white wine with dinner is not a problem, but more than that could pose a risk to the cells.

    Be wary of drinking alcohol if you want to grow stem cells.

    I've had a Platelet Lysate injection from Dr Centeno and I am still improving on my L5/S1 joint 11 months into the injection..