Monday, July 26, 2010

Response from Dr. Schultz! Indeed, there is some improvement!

Greetings everyone. I got a response from the Doctor, and I was feature on the Regenexx blog. With comparison pictures, I can actually see a reduction in the bulge. He is recommending another injection... But I don't know if I'm willing to go through with it if it involves another bone marrow aspiration.

Read the regenexx blog post:


  1. I would wait on another injection; decreases in the disc bulges occur naturally. I would wait and see if the change is significant overtime (have another MRI in 6 months). I just would just be patient. I have Degenerative Discs much like yours and the symptoms; back pain and leg pain resolve themselves over 3-4 month or more period. I would be very interested in the procedure if the treatment total resolves the bulge and/or the disc shows signs of rehydration. I would continue and try to increase blood flow to the area to promote healing and be patient and wait to see if the results are more defined.

  2. If you look closely you can see a slight change in the hydration content of the disc. I would go through another round. Regenexx indicates on their site that they can store MSC for future use, if you want to continue to repeat the treatment.

  3. I've had some of the Regenexx treatment for a bulged disc myself. My L5/S1 disc got injured on a rowing machine. I was rowing with bad technique, in May 2009. In late September 2009 I got a PRP/Dexamethazone ESI from Dr Centeno. I will share with you that it took a good 6-7 months before I experienced the majority of my improvement. The dexamethazone (cortizone) wore off after about 6-8 weeks but my back continued to improve, its now about 95-97% healed. In comparison to your own condition, my situation wasn't as bad.

    There is a strict regime with Regenexx procedure. You have to avoid NSAIDs COX-2 inhibitors, Marijuana, alcohol, among other drugs etc, which might not be easy as it seems to do. For me it wasn't easy!

    Mike, I too looked at your before and after MRI's and there did to me seem to be a physical improvement in the bulge into the spinal nerve that was causing your sciatica. I know the procedure is expensive, but I think its smarter than going under the knife.


  4. Mike I would go another round of treatment if you have the cash. I would store MSC for future use. I would repeat the treatment again. If you had a 20% reduction in the disc bulge I would see what improvement would be with another round of treatment and take the doctors advice.

  5. Firstly THANKYOU sooooo much for putting all of this time and effort into your blog! You are an inspiration forhelping not only yourself & others!!

    One Question : Why did you decide to quit your stem cell treatment here and jump to steriods?