Friday, July 23, 2010

MRI Results Are In

Hello everybody. Sorry to keep you waiting. I finally got my MRI results 4-months post stem-cell injection.

Before you even look at the images, I can tell you this: they look EXACTLY the same as my pre-procedure MRI's. The L4/L5 disc is just as dark and the protrusion is just as big. It looks like they made replicas of my previous MRI's!

In any case, pain is a little better and manageable. But I still have that stupid protrusion that flares up my sciatica every once in a while. And the degeneration isn't improved, from what I can tell.

I sent Dr. Schultz an email with the results, lets see what he says!


  1. Hi Mike,
    First, may I congratulate you on your bold decision to pioneer the MSC implantation technique and blog your convalescence - I tip my hat to you and sincerely hope that in this case fortune does indeed favour the brave.

    Whilst I've only recently discovered your postings, and am following them with vested interest (coming from a science background and suffering a similar afflication), I thought that I might send you the below link on a paper written on a variation of the MSC implantation technique conducted in Japan (that you may or may not have come across recently).

    Whislt there was a difference in the implantation technique, there were statistically significant results as displayed at the 2 year interval - thus putting some credence in the long term prospects of the procedure.

    Thus I think that these may still be early days for you and that more time may be required to more accurately and truly determine how successful the procedure was for you.

    Lastly, what type of exercise\rehab routine was prescribed for you to promote blood flow to the area. I see that heat pad therapy was prescribed, but did they speak of specific routines (such as lap swimming in a heated pool) as a low impact means of promoting blood flow to the area? I ask this question because I know that (barring surgical/environmental complications) a musculo-skeletal procedure is only as successful as the rehabilitation routine that follows it.

  2. Thank you for the post! The doctor will probably say that this is a longer-term procedure and that I should wait a few more months to see if anything has improved.

    About your last paragraph, I was only indicated the heat pad you mentioned and a couple of supplements, including one pill whose side effect is supposed to increase blood flow around the spine. Other than that, they didn't say anything at all! I kept asking them, what else should I do? they never responded.

    I'll review the medscape article.. thank you for your time!

  3. In one post you say your pain is almost totally gone and in another it is a little better. I think a 50% reduction in pain would make it worth doing. It doesnt matter so much what the disc looks like as long as the pain is reduced.

    May i ask what is your pain level now?
    What was your pain level was before the procedure?