Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sciatica has calmed down..

It took a while, but my sciatica has finally calmed down and now i'm back to where I was. I occasionally get some tiny jolts down to my feet, but they're really minor and completely tolerable. So pain is at a 0-2/10 level.

I've decided to 'not care' anymore. Meaning, I'm not going to pay attention to my pain levels. It's really helped me ignore the issue and move on with my life. I still have to come back to healing it, but that'll be after my trip to South Africa.

Manchester is in my sights. I heard they install the freedom disc over there.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. I'm packing for my trip already.a


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  2. (repost: spelling!) :O

    Hey mate, John from Australia. Interesting posts mate, I found it during my research about The Regenexx.

    It seems like the Stem cells are slowly working your damaged disc.

    I have a L4/L5 prosterier disc bulge myself, although I reduced my pain by doing some exercise and swimming(mostly).

    Currently 'hoping' for any way to restore my disc bulge to it's natural state so i can do all the army stuff i want to!

    I like your updates man keep it up!

  3. Oh and i'm turning 19 this year. omg so young.

  4. Hi,
    So did the stem cells help your back pain?


  5. Hi,
    I have severe degenerative disc disease at T12-L1 with facet involvement. Almost no disc left. I'm 45 years old. I tried decompression therapy and got 90% relief, but pain is starting to return after a year. I am looking at prolotherapy next. Decompression and stem cells can help the disc, but you could have injured ligaments. If there is a ligammental component to your pain, stem cells won't help that component. I have read some very encouraging case studies on prolotherapy for back pain at and
    Note that they have before and after X-rays showing cartilage regeneration in bone on bone arthritic knees and hips. I had no idea this was possible without stem cells. Anyways, I am going to see Dr Hauser for prolotherapy on my back in July as I live an hour from Chicago. Also, it may be that your stem cells via the Regenexx just aren't pure enough to do the job. Mesoblast Inc in Australia has a stem cell product for disc regeration that is 1000 times purer than the competition. They have tested it on animals and seen full regeneration of severely degenerated discs. It is in stage 2 human trials now and should be on the market in 2 years. That's what I'm waiting for. See I encourage you to hold off disc replacement or surgery until you have tried all aternatives. I wish you the best.
    Dan Green, US