Friday, February 19, 2010


It's been 18 days since my first appointment. Pain levels are steady, peaking at 7-10 out of 10 when I'm sitting down or when the day has been very stressful. I am going to the gym and doing very moderate exercises. I've also been doing the Inversion Table about once a day for 10 minutes. I've also been taking my supplements with one little side effect: a little light-headedness. Oh and I found the nimodipine medicine at 1/10th of the cost in my country! YAY!

I got a call from Regenexx yesterday and they wanted to know how I was doing. I asked them when I would be coming back and they said they will call in a week or two regarding my appointment status. They said they're still waiting for lab results.

To answer a few questions I've been getting:
-They said I was a FAIR candidate, which meant it could work, or it couldn't. What I have going for me is that the herniation is CONTAINED and is still only a bulge at this point. He also said the DDD is not severe and the treatment could make the disc retain water again. They've also had success making bulges smaller..
-About disc height? I have no idea! I haven't asked...

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