Friday, January 15, 2010

DRX-9000 Spinal Decompression Treatment - 1st Update

The whole procedure consists of 20 sessions spread in 4 weeks or more, and costs $2800 (my insurance company IHI BUPA covered the treatment). They give you a huge belt which will have to be worn ALL THE TIME (except for showers of course).
On the 1st of December '10, I had my first therapy session! Conclusion: kind of painful, but in a way relieving.
It's hard to describe. You're strapped on to a machine for 30 minutes which varies the load (decompression) every minute or so. I started with 80lbs today, which will supposedly be increased in increments of 5 lbs every session.
Again, they gave me this HUGE waist band that carries an ice pack in the back. I'm supposed to wear it all day for the duration of the treatment (soo I guess it's 30 days or so). I also got electro shock therapy after the session. They told me I can't do ANYTHING for the duration of the treatment... like nothing. I guess I can handle it! I'm supposed to be getting physical therapy later on in the treatment.
Anyways, I'm optimistic. I'm hoping this will help me out, because I can't stand the pain.. it's becoming unbearable.

P.S. Round 4 was painful as hell! But heck it felt really good afterwards.

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